Don’t worry, you may have missed the live event in July 2020, but you can still get access to this exclusive content.

What to Expect

This live, virtual event will host presenters from academia, federal organizations, and Fortune 1000 companies that will share their collaborative work in areas of autonomous delivery vehicles, AI computer vision, smart manufacturing, natural language processing and other AI technologies.

Back to Business with AI will provide audiences a unique, interactive experience where the audience can learn from and engage with thought leaders from across North America. As an attendee you will receive an exclusive package of guidelines to help you and your company get back to work and leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence.  


Food Processing/Distribution



Health & Safety

Business Continuity

Facility Management


Retail/ Restaurant/Hospitality

Meet Your AI Experts

Kris Skrinak
Global Machine Learning Segment Technical Lead Kris Skrinak
Hichem Frigui
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Hichem Frigui
Jack Gillin
Director of Business Growth Jack Gillin
Jungwoo Ryoo
Division Head Jungwoo Ryoo
Sarah Davasher-Wisdom
President and CEO of Greater Louisville Inc Sarah Davasher-Wisdom
Bruce Muller
Professor of Engineering Bruce Muller
Amin Kargarian
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Amin Kargarian
Jeff Guan
Associate Dean Jeff Guan
David Crawley
Professor of Practice David Crawley
John Launius
Director of Regional Economic Development John Launius
Purna Veer
Founder and President of V-Soft Consulting Purna Veer
Shashank Tomar
IT Portfolio Manager Shashank Tomar
Gokhan Elgun
Product Owner, Multicloud Management Platform Gokhan Elgun
David McCall
Sr. Manager, Poultry IT Operations & Innovation David McCall
Konrad Konarski
Chairperson & Director of Operations Konrad Konarski
Christopher Martin
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Christopher Martin
Chirag Desai
IT Leader for Medical Products Division Chirag Desai
Ben Eng
Technical Marketing Engineer Ben Eng

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